Caveman Conditioning

Captain Caveman himself...

Captain Caveman himself...

Our founder, Stuart, is the brains and driving force behind Caveman Conditioning® and back in 2011 he set out with a mission to change the way people exercised. Whilst simultaneously studying his sports science degree, and then his masters in strength and conditioning - Stuart spent his days learning, and the evenings putting the theory into practice. The result - an ever evolving Caveman Conditioning philosophy which has pushed the boundaries of physical training.

10 years

Over 15,000+
coached sessions

Age range
8 - 64 years

How it all began

“10 years ago in my local field I had a stopwatch, old set of dumbbells and a tractor tyre ready to bring people together and share my training and philosophy.

However, the biggest and most powerful piece of equipment which I had in my armour and still to this day, is the passion I have for coaching people to reach beyond their limits that they didn't think was possible, making exercise engaging and inspiring for every human no matter what age or ability with a scientific method behind it all, resulting in...’’

The Caveman Conditioning Mission

“To not only inspire, educate and motivate people to train in a way which is best for them, but to create a real sense of togetherness and teamwork to really get the most out of one another”

professional panel

Stuart Dorrill MSc, BSc

- Founder

Phil Pask MSc, BA, MCSP

- Physiotherapist

Dr Iain Fletcher

- Principal Lecturer

Mark Buckingham

- Chartered Physiotherapist

Dr Sean Maloney

- Strength and Conditioning Coach
Behind the scenes at Caveman Conditioning® one of our passions is to ensure that our coaches have continual professional development of their own so that you’re getting the most up-to-date advice and guidance from the team.

We have a professional panel of leading experts in the field of training and sports science that work alongside us to help deliver the most effective, evidence based training sessions so that we can truly make meaningful changes to your new healthier, happier lifestyle.