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Cave Online

All of the great things about Cave - online in your front room, or even the garden. We find fun, creative ways to get you moving and feeling good without needing to leave the house. You don’t need any equipment, but we’ve been known to experiment with plant pots, tables, and sofas to challenge your body in ways you never thought possible.

It’s not another online training workout - far from it. We don’t do the endless push-up-and-burpees routine (designed to tire you out, without any real benefits). Instead, it’s about coaching in an energetic online group setting with a familiar face.

We know it’s important to train when life permits, so the online sessions are flexible to suit your lifestyle. Once you sign up, you can join us ‘live’, or catch up with ‘saved’ sessions for 7 days after each session from links which will be sent once you have signed into your sessions.

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