Caveman Conditioning


Think lifting weights is just for men? Think again. Our highly experienced coaches will teach you proper form, demystifying the techniques and challenging the idea that weightlifting is a “macho” thing. (Those days are long gone.)

Strength training is incredibly good for everyone – men, women, and people of all ages and fitness abilities. Our classes are typically an even 50/50 gender split and we take a purely functional approach; no machines. Of course, it’s not about grunting the loudest or lifting the heaviest; it’s about lifting safely and competently.

You can expect to improve your body shape and also feel better equipped to handle everyday life, whether that’s picking up the kids or running a 5K. You’ll also decrease your stress levels, boost your self-esteem and reduce your risk of injury – really! Strength training is the most important preventative tool, even more so than stretching.

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