Caveman Conditioning


Join a supportive, non-judgmental community of people in a special 12-week programme designed to get you off the couch – or back into exercise after a break – and ready to take on a 5K challenge.

Our Cave expert, Bethan, has led five successful campaigns to date, helping a whopping 500 people graduate. The goal is clear from the name: we’ll take you from zero to 5K, with a celebratory park run at the end to prove it.

This is a structured programme including running drills, cool-downs, nutrition and hydration advice – all designed to mitigate injuries, improve your confidence and wellbeing. Led by the coaches and running experts from England Athletics, it’s not-for-profit, and is supported entirely by volunteers. All money raised goes to local causes.

join the cave community

A fab, non-faddy fitness community that’s motivating and welcoming.